Benvenuti nell'era dei ritorni decrescenti

venerdì 22 gennaio 2010

A John Tomlinson il premio spazzatura per il peggior articolo sul clima del 2009

Il premio spazzatura (Christopher Brook Award) è stato assegnato quest'anno da Georger Monbiot a John Tomlinson per il suo articolo che contiene la maggior densità di falsità mai concentrate in un articolo scritto da mano umana.

Siamo a un livello di 38 falsità o distorsioni su un articolo di poco più di 800 parole. Ovvero, una falsità ogni 21 parole. Non ve le sto a elencare tutte, vi ci potete divertire da voi. Solo per curiosità, ne cito alcune delle più clamorose. Per esempio, "La Terra è stata molto più calda di oggi nei passati 10.000 anni", "Secondo la NASA gli anni 1930 sono stati i più caldi del secolo e ancora oggi siamo sotto quella temperatura", "Come capo del GISS Hansen determina personalmente i valori delle temperature pubblicate", "I dati dell'università dell'Alabama non supportano assolutamente la teoria del riscaldamento globale", eccetera, eccetera, eccetera

Un record che probabilmente nemmeno i nostri negazionisti più sfegatati riescono a raggiungere. Va detto, però, i vincitori del premio "a qualcuno piace caldo", Gaspari e Cascioli, hanno fatto niente male anche loro in termini di falsità e bugie climatiche.

Nel seguito vi passo il testo dell'articolo di Tomlinson del 29 Marzo 2009. E' veramente notevole e se qualcuno avesse voglia di tradurlo in Italiano e di commentarlo forse ne varrebbe la pena per il puro gusto dell'orrore.

Rimane però la domanda fondamentale: Cosa deve avere nella testa una persona per scrivere una cosa del genere? Ci crede davvero? Sghignazza dentro di se per come prende in giro la gente? Si frega le mani per i soldi che gli danno? Mah?

Ma la cosa che fa impressione e che nel "dibattito" a gente così viene dato lo stesso spazio - e forse di più - che agli esperti di clima. Come diavolo facciamo a prendere delle decisioni serie in questo modo? C'è qualcosa di profondamente sbagliato nell'universo.....

John Tomlinson

Global warming (GW) alarmists love to rant. But one question always shuts them up: What is the correct temperature for Earth?

For most of the last 10,000 years, Earth was much warmer than today. Was the earth wrong? Even a 1,000 years ago it was much warmer. Was the Earth wrong to be so warm?

About 1300 A.D., Earth entered the "Little Ice Age." Temperatures plunged until 1850, then rose, peaking in 1934. According to NASA, the 1930s was our warmest decade in the 20th century. We're still below that temperature.

Next, a sharp cooling trend began, bottoming in 1979. This produced the now infamous "ice age" scare. GW alarmists always start their numbers from this bottom because temps rose until 1998, before dropping once again. Now, 11 years later, that bounce is almost gone.

How do we know? The whole GW argument hinges on which temperature source you quote. Many climatologists believe the University of Alabama-Huntsville is the world's foremost temperature monitoring source because it uses satellite scanning, as opposed to ground stations. Its data absolutely do not support GW theory -- which it openly admits.

It's the other global temperature monitoring source, the Goddard Institute of Space Studies (GISS), that started the scare. In 1988, testifying before Congress, Dr. James Hansen, head of GISS and an expert in computer modeling, said CO2 production was destroying Earth.

Hansen used his position over the next 10 years to scare everybody. Enlisting Al Gore and his Hollywood minions, they brought fear to the hearts and minds of women and children everywhere.

Here's how: As head of GISS, Hansen personally determines the temperature numbers they publish. Incredibly, he refuses to say how he got them. Nevertheless, two Canadians, Stephen McIntyre, a mathematician, and environmental economist Ross McKitrick, decided to check.

They first achieved fame in 2004 by completely discrediting Michael E. Mann, famous for creating the "hockey stick"-shaped temperature graph Gore used to scare the bejesus out of people.

Mann also refused to reveal his methodology. So McIntyre and McKitrick retro-engineered it from raw data. According to MIT's Technology Review, Mann crunched his numbers using Principal Component Analysis and improperly normalized the data.

From there, they discovered that his approach can't make anything but hockey sticks! Did you know Gore's key GW "fact" was completely destroyed five years ago? No, because to this day, the mainstream media won't mention it.

Fortunately, Canadians know their hockey sticks! Riding that success, McIntyre and McKitrick took on Hansen's data to see if maybe he made any mistakes. Sure enough, he did. On Aug. 8, 2007, NASA announced these guys had found a gaping flaw in Hansen's numbers.

The error was huge: .8 degrees Celsius annually. To put this error into context, the entire GW scare is over a net rise of .6 degrees Celsius in the 20th century. Once NASA re-did Hansen's numbers, 1934 became our hottest year and 1998 only a secondary peak.

But Hansen's embarrassment hasn't ended.

McKitrick, assistant professor at Guelph University, published a study on GISS data collection in the Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres in 2007. He found GISS, which relies on surface measures, overstated warming by "about half" due to a laundry list of collection errors.

Interestingly, GISS lost about 50 percent of its stations after the U.S.S.R. fell in the early 1990's. As those stations were replaced with computer simulations, Hansen's "new" numbers began to show a huge acceleration in global warming.

Today, the vast majority of GISS sites are in the U.S. Computer guestimates cover outlying areas, particularly across continents such as Africa and South America, where data collection is almost nonexistent.

GISS' biggest problem however, is this: Water covers 70 percent of Earth's surface. Because GISS relies on surface stations, its ocean coverage is abysmal.

NASA oceanographer John Willis found that ocean temperatures have been falling since at least 2003. GISS had no idea. Now, it turns out, even GISS can't find any GW whatsoever in the Southern Hemisphere.

Imagine, 70 percent of Earth's surface temperature dropping sharply, and the global warming geniuses didn't have a clue. That's why so many scientists, meteorologists and climatologists fight GW dogma. Nobody even knows if the earth's temperature is wrong. Maybe earth is readjusting, moving back up to its average for the last 10,000 years.

GW is all about confiscating wealth and power. While Gore makes millions of dollars selling carbon credits and Hansen gets monster grant money, we lose our freedom, e.g., Congress passed a law making it illegal (in five years) to use incandescent lightbulbs because they cause GW.

That's how we're slowly losing our freedom: chancing prison for using politically incorrect light bulbs. Will people risk jail time putting up Christmas lights inside and out? If not, that tradition is gone.

Truly, the world isn't getting warmer, but it's definitely getting darker